One who is sarcastic
That guy is really sarcastic
by dan February 15, 2005
Top Definition
walk,strole used in Northern Ireland
Are you going for a dander
by Belfastirish June 23, 2005
one who is sarcastic
that guy was totally dander today
by dan February 24, 2005
A very girly man; a pussy or fruit; a man who has very few manly qualities.
That guy is such a dander.

Your dad is a huge dander.

I feel bad for that guy, he doesn't even realize that hes a huge dander.
by Jgwof April 13, 2009
The spot between your balls and your pillypacker.
My dander has it's own myspace.

by Vikki The Rhino August 27, 2006
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