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1.) An immature, insecure, childish, self pitying man who has no job, no friends, no motivation, no class, lives with his mother past 21 years of age and mooches off anyone around him.

2.) Someone who's penis is either so small or so thin, you can't even feel it. It can't even be measured on the 0-10 scale.
"Are Rebecca and Chris still dating?"
"Yeah but he's a total Dan. She can do so much better."

"How good was the sex?"
"UGH, it was a Dan."
by EinsteinsGirl January 31, 2012
7 15
dan can be a nickname for danny or daniel. dan's are mostly somewhat attractive. they usually like people who are younger. dans can usually be impulsive and will do things on the spot. most dans are gingers and play baseball. they are generally nice but if you turn them down they will most likely be heart broken. dan's are usually sweet and in some cases can be creepy but they have a good heart. if you meet a dan be careful and make sure you know which kind of dan they are before you go out with them.
girl one: who do u think i have a shot with more, guy 1 or guy 2

girl two: uhh probably guy 1. he usually likes younger girls.

girl one: he's such a dan
by prettysweetwreckless June 12, 2011
3 12
1. man of ultimate lameness.

2. a stationary object perfectly compatible with Newton's First Law: a man on a couch will never leave the couch unless acted upon by an external force
3. one who is lame and whines about everything.
Sandra: Wow its such a beautiful day we should really go out and do something
James: I don't know. My leg hurts and I still have to finish watching season 2 of arrested development on hulu its going to expire in 3 hours. Why is my life so difficult??
Sandra: OMG stop being such a Dan and get your ass out of that couch!
by 2do2 November 07, 2010
19 28
by YOUR BABY MOMA August 04, 2011
9 26
D.A.N.- AKA- Dumb Ass Neeley- A fat wookie looking scum bag mother fucker, who owes anyone and everyone they come in contact with one or most likely all of the following items. weed, drugs, money, money, money, beer, rocks, Panic tickets or any other item they can "barrow" and never return.
Not all hippies are D.A.N. S just the dirty ones & those who follow Wide Spread Panic for weeks on end.
by sixinchtaint October 05, 2005
10 33
Quit acting like such a Dan...
by sdfasdfasf October 27, 2010
20 47
D.A.N is an acronym for Dirty Ass Negro.

- A person who does something messed up or fucked up, an asshole, douche bag, someone who is greedy, crazy, a thief.
- A talented individual.
-I was smoking a blunt on my porch. When i realized there was a man yelling at his wife in a truck. He would be considered a DAN.
- It can also be used when an athlete embarrasses their opponent.
- When addressing a woman as a DAN, add A when saying the entire phrase.
-Look at that DAN yelling at his wife in the truck.

-That fool is a Dirty Ass Negro, he just ran it back for a touchdown.

- A D-A-N stole my phone today.

- She's just a Dirty Ass Negra.
by The Real TDR September 22, 2010
5 32