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What one brotha says to another brotha whenever the second brotha does something stupid or something that is gonna get his ass whooped by his girlfriend.
"Damn bro, Gina gonna kill you when she finds out you lost the rent money"
by D. Ferrel September 26, 2003
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White hat wearing jock boys who like to fight guys that don't look like them. They first appeared somewhere back east and they can be heard saying "DAMN BRO!" all the time. They are supposedly highly homophobic so they need to beat up guys they think are fags. Rumours of date raping college girls has also been said.
My friends were at a Social Distortion concert and a bunch of Damnbros came up and kicked the shit out of them.
by Roadie Overthegate March 07, 2007
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A bro that is involved with motorcross and or water motorsports.
i bet you 5 bucks those damn bros walk into vans proshop.
by Bandit June 13, 2003
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