A word that can be substituted for any other word in the right circumstances. Created by GoldDad aka GoldGloveTV on DadTube.
Call of Dad: Dad Ops
Dadsformers: Dads in Disguise
by Ninjah Birdy April 09, 2011
the guy who treats you like his own. the one who, teaches you how to ride a bike. the one who is there for you no matter what. the one who wants his little girl to grow up happy. the one who you can go to. the one who, when you start to date guys, gets all super protective. the guy that loves you unconditionally. even when you mess up every once in a while no matter how big the mess up was.
person one: is that your father?
person two: no, thats my DAD(;
person one: whats the dif??
person two: how bout you go look it up on urban dictionary?!
by awed1 March 04, 2009
after all that 211 i drank last night i woke up with the DADS.
by jnovakane February 08, 2005
Hypocritical moron.
The guy that yells at you, insults you, treats you like shit, kills even the smallest bit of self esteem you have, and then tells you that he's just doing it because he loves you. He believes that he is always right and will argue over the smallest thing. When he's not complaining incessently about bills and grades, he can be found drinking and watching porn.
Dad: You fucked up the computer again didn't you?!

Me: What are talking about?

Dad: The fucking computer isn't working right because you go on ""!

Me: What's

Dad: You shut the fuck up!!
Don't use that tone with me you ungrateful piece of shit!!!

Me: Did you ever think that maybe you fucked it up by going on all those underage Asian porn sites?

by lazy, worthless faggot December 07, 2005
Dumb Ass Deadbeat
Any man can be a dad. But it takes a real man to be a father. That dad who doesn't pay support but always thinks he a great dad while spending his support at the bar!! Yea I'm a great dad cheers!! heres to the kids!!
by big native November 13, 2009
Word used to describe the repeated shits that you get the day after an evening of drinking to excess.

Stands for: Day After Drinking Shits

May also come with a delayed hangover or could creep upon you later in the day as delayed DADS.

Joe: "Hey Casey? Wanna come out boating with us?"

Casey: "No, I better not. I drank an ass load of all kinds of stuff last night, and I don't want to keep docking to run to the restroom. I've the DADS really bad dude."
by all4us August 19, 2009
Not the Mama
Father: Come on kiddo! Say "Daddy"!

Son: ...Did you say something Not-The-Mama?

Father: ................
by IcyShadows January 17, 2011
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