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Dabo: (V) to embarass yourself when you are gaining respect. Ex: "Work is going great but I dabo'ed myself with an error on the TPS Report."
Boy, Clemson really Dabo'd themselves today against NC State, losing 37-13.
by CAWKYSPURRIER November 19, 2011
can replace "fuck, damn, shit, asshole, etc." Most versatile word in the english language. can be used as a positive or negative expression. considered one of the most successful words in history. enjoy entering the dabo state of mind.
"What the dabo are you talking about?"

"I would like to dabo you"
by Bertsthedaboguy August 29, 2006
The ficticous night club created for a one act play at Moorpark College, by Andy Shultz.
"I should have gone to Dabo."

"That was one helluva a night at Dabo."
by Zyndt Asuhl September 19, 2008
one kind of japanese wanna be...who has a baseball bat and a gun. also called as a hitman. searches for black or puerto rican chick (also check out jeff)

dabo the hitman
by waim March 25, 2003
Dabo is way of life. Originated from a man named Mohammed Dabo who was believed to have attended Kennedy High School. Later used for comedial purposes as well as to confuse alias bammas. See also slanot.
Dabo! Dabo!
by Rhino December 02, 2003
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