A single dose of hash oil. The amount of hash oil one will be consuming in one hit. Usually ranging in weight of .1g to .8g.
Take a dab of this earl. That's a big dab. What a waste, you don't need a dab that big. I bet I can take a bigger dab than you.
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by maniac187 November 22, 2010
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To touch one's foot to the ground while bicycling. Considered to be a lost style point among trail riders, mountain bikers, bike polo players, among others. Since a lot of technical tricks can be avoided by simply walking the bike over a log or a stream, refraining from dabbing a foot encourages pure cycling and the attempt to negotiate obstacles by technical feats such as hopping or holding a track stand. Sometimes called a "foot down."
Pretty sweet jump, but you dabbed your foot.
#bike #mtb #mountain #trail #trial #polo #foot #down
by reZzreZz March 02, 2008
A "dab" is when a cyclist touches the ground with his or her foot, shoe, etc. It is avoided in many disciplines such as mountain biking and trials riding.
"I made it without crashing, but I had to dab once."
#dabb #foot-down #touch #clear (ant) #clean (ant)
by chain breaker September 10, 2012
To score one point by footing in Observed Moto Trials.
The rider did a Dab in that section.
by PA December 09, 2004
To administer a drug in powder form orally by getting some on the index finger and rubbing it all over the gums.
Let me do a little dab of that speed.
#drugs #are #good #and #you #know #it
by merlin2k8 March 03, 2008
a fuckin leftist political party in Hong Kong with support from Chinese Communist Party
"DAB stands for Demorcacy According to Beijing. " Martin Lee said
by EC April 26, 2005
A term used in bouldering (rock-climbing on boulders) to denote hitting the floor or a friend with a body part while climbing. A dab can allow a climber to continue instead of falling off, so is regarded as invalidating an ascent (or "send")
Dab!!!111 You totally dabbed you dabbing dabber!! INVALID!
#dab #climbing #bouldering #cheating #sending
by Palomides June 15, 2006
to stay off the nose candy for awhile, but then every now and then you "dab"
Yo, wanna dab tonight?!
by Panda March 28, 2003
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