A dab is a down ass bitch. Not offensive. Being a dab and having a dab is a good thing. A dab is your best friend. The girl you put over all your other friends. She's always there for you, always dependable, true to you, and always down for what you're doing.
"You have got to go out with me tonight, you're my dab!"

"I love my dab so much she's always there for me"
by ChelcGurl December 06, 2013
Drunk Ass Bitch
That girl dancing on the table is such a dab
by killermonkey69 January 04, 2015
1. (n) short for "drunk ass bitch" (adj): dabby-- description of acting like a dab
2. (n) a short rip of marijuana taken from a small electric "dab" piece; (v): dabbing-- the act of taking a dab
1. Katherine had 10 shots last night and hooked up with two guys-- what a dab! Also: Claire was acting dabby last night after drinking half a bottle of tequila.
2. Joe and Jack dabbed before the party last night.
by beachybruin January 03, 2015
Drunk Ass Bitch
"Jenna was such a DAB last night, she fell down the stairs and hooked up with five dudes"
by drewf123 January 02, 2015
To repeatedly slap one's penis or life like object on a females face. Preferably all over facial area as she yells, "all all"....I cant breath" if done correctly.

Started from a group of soldiers in the army who called themselves the LDBC(Long Dong Black Crew)The movement spreaded worldwide and still frequent used to this day on random woman from Thots to pornstars.
She was a victim of the dab according to the LDBC.

I just got dabbing that chick.
by Mr Squirrel(LDBC) June 13, 2014
Drunk Ass Bitch. This word often refers to a girl at a party/club/bar who is exceedingly drunk and sloppy. This word usually has a negative connotation and is not often used when describing your drunk friends, but more so when describing a girl whom you do not particularly like. This girl is most likely a partyanimal.
"That girl last night was being such a Dab"
"***** is one of the biggest Dab's I've ever met"
"Don't go on a date with *****, I heard she's a real Dab"
by wizewon April 12, 2013
a dab is a noun and it stands for "drunk ass bitch"
Ashley was such a dab last night, did you see what she was doing?
by poopie150 July 22, 2014

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