Down ass bitch.
We had sex on the first night, she a DAB.
by Raw Dick..tionary June 28, 2015
Acronym for "dumb ass bitch"
"Hey Sarah stop being such a dab."
"Are you serious? That's something that a dab would say. "
by Buckyboy June 13, 2015
Dumb ass bitch When you want to talk crap about someone but don't want them to know. Just say "dab" and you'll be fine. If the person asks what d.a.b. Means, just tell them it's the same thing as "love" "darling" "Hun"
"See you tomorrow"
"Ok D.A.B."

"I hate her. She's such a dab"
by February 28, 2015
one pound sterling. A Euro dab is a Euro.
five dabs.
by chambe02 September 07, 2009
Nickname given to that dumb ass bitch you work with. D.A.B. = dumb ass bitch
I heard Dab got fired yesterday"
by viralblue May 31, 2015
Down Ass Bitch. Referring to a girl who is willing to have fun, party, and perform sexual acts.
"I just met that chick last night and she gave me head, she's a D.A.B fo sho."
by Duderman69 December 06, 2009
Short for Dumb Ass Bastard.
I should have not gone out with that sorry D.A.B.
by blingoman March 11, 2008

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