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to stay off the nose candy for awhile, but then every now and then you "dab"
Yo, wanna dab tonight?!
by Panda March 28, 2003
daytona beach, fl
guy 1: yo, where u goin for spring break?
guy 2: im hittin up DAB. it gets crazy down there.
by Fred87 June 23, 2009
A battered potato (Potato fritter)
Person 1: "I'm going chippy, want anything?"
Person 2: "Large chips and a dab."
by Teya May 26, 2007
Drunk Ass Bitch. This word often refers to a girl at a party/club/bar who is exceedingly drunk and sloppy. This word usually has a negative connotation and is not often used when describing your drunk friends, but more so when describing a girl whom you do not particularly like. This girl is most likely a partyanimal.
"That girl last night was being such a Dab"
"***** is one of the biggest Dab's I've ever met"
"Don't go on a date with *****, I heard she's a real Dab"
by wizewon April 12, 2013
Drink a beer
Wow you're so uptight dab!
by BlackberryBandits November 09, 2010
An acroynm for down ass bitch. A female who refuses to let her vagina prevent her from achieving certain levels of respect on males.
That chick just knocked that dude out for grabbing her ass. Damn, she's a DAB.
by Pickyourpoison January 18, 2014
A dab is a down ass bitch. Not offensive. Being a dab and having a dab is a good thing. A dab is your best friend. The girl you put over all your other friends. She's always there for you, always dependable, true to you, and always down for what you're doing.
"You have got to go out with me tonight, you're my dab!"

"I love my dab so much she's always there for me"
by ChelcGurl December 06, 2013