Abbreviation: Drug Fucked Scum. Refers to junkies, misanthropic compulsive liars who would exchange their own grandparents for drugs, and bong toking alcoholics who will break into your house, steal your car, and then pretend to be your friend so that they can take your money and posessions to buy drugs. DFS have a penchant for getting into trouble from law enforcement, yet also an uncanny knack of weaselling their way out of such trouble.
DFS have anti-social, egomaniacal or narcissistic personality disorders which they disguise as mental illnesses in order to further their own drug habits. They have no empathy, compassion or sense of social responsibility, but will pretend to have such qualities if it will lead them to their next hit of drugs.
Watch out for the DFS!
by Googles January 14, 2004
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Don't FUCKING stress.

A term used frequently by failing students during the summer time.

Usually in relation to coursework/exams/ deadlines.
Future lawyer: Oh Lord I have five papers due by Friday, i'm going to die...

Future pimp: dFs man...
by MAGAV! (woof) March 07, 2009
DFS = Dating For Sport

Lots of FWB (friends with benefits), no commitments,where winning means you've scored in the bedroom.
"Hey, Jimmy, are you still DFS or are you looking for 'the one'?"
by Love Linguist April 01, 2010
he's obviously DFS...
by haaaUSER! August 28, 2010
dead fucking serious.
A: ur ugly
B: haha lol
A: no, im dfs.
B: hehe, wait what?
by hey sup init November 21, 2009
girl you dfs?
hell yeah i'm down for shit.
by thee fangg February 10, 2010
Dead Fuckin Serious
Dude 1: Damn homie slept wit dat piece last night.
Dude 2: You DFS?
by Cee To Tha Jay April 22, 2011

short for Doucher Face Syndrome

When you don't even know a guy, but you can already tell that he is a douchebag.


any guy that wears his collar popped, has a barbed wire tatoo on his arm, or wears designer clothes to impress girls, etc...

At a party...

guy #1- do you know who that is?

guy #2- i have no clue, but he looks like he has major DFS
by scottie too hottie89 April 09, 2009

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