means/stands for 'Damn Fucking Shit'
dfs i forgot my cell phone again
by Crazy Emmy June 21, 2007
(Dinny fink sae): Dinny fink sae (or 'I don't think so') to disagree or indicate that a person may be 'Talking bollocks for Scotland'.
An example of its use: Macaulay: Yeah, I pulled this really good looking burd at the weekend Jonny: Dinny fink sae.
by VAKI5 August 18, 2003
DFS can mean desperate for sex.
'you're so dfs (desperate for sex)'
by Llama God September 10, 2006

A comment people use when they are referring to a toy boy or some guy who dates a female because of her money.
Hey, check him out, I think we've got a DFS.
by Rudi_Vinuya May 27, 2006
Driven fucking snow. As in, pure as the driven fucking snow. Whenever something is innocent, you say that it is as pure as the driven snow. However, when you know that something is obviously not innocent and pure, you would say oh yeah, you're as pure as the driven fucking snow.
Paris Hilton, pure as the driven fucking snow.
by DrYo March 01, 2005
Abbreviation: Drug Fucked Scum. Refers to junkies, misanthropic compulsive liars who would exchange their own grandparents for drugs, and bong toking alcoholics who will break into your house, steal your car, and then pretend to be your friend so that they can take your money and posessions to buy drugs. DFS have a penchant for getting into trouble from law enforcement, yet also an uncanny knack of weaselling their way out of such trouble.
DFS have anti-social, egomaniacal or narcissistic personality disorders which they disguise as mental illnesses in order to further their own drug habits. They have no empathy, compassion or sense of social responsibility, but will pretend to have such qualities if it will lead them to their next hit of drugs.
Watch out for the DFS!
by Googles January 14, 2004
Bad ass mother fuckers. Big time gangsta's rollin' the streets takin over other gangs. Don't take shit from anyone!
This is our turf bitch we're DFS init!!
by Dave Mave October 14, 2006

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