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Good ol Durham N.C. known for its murder rate that beats out L.A. County, and its drugs. D-Block is where the players play, and where I get KRUNK everyday. Thats my home.
D block is also known as Hell, D-town, and Krunk Kapitol
by Bad Ass Brett September 20, 2005
rap group consisting of Sheek Louch, Jadakiss, Styles P (formerly the LOX) and J-Hood. D block is distributed through Universal Records.
Much like Ruff Ryder, So So Def and J Records, D Block is a street label established by an artist currently in the industry.
by jx December 08, 2004
Also a section of a correctional facility.
Damn, that little cat on d-block got sliced.
by Mr. Uhhh February 16, 2005
rob someone blind

Origin: Lodi, New Jersey
That dumbass bytch left her purse right here. Im gunna d block her ass!
by Geo Jermaine June 01, 2004
To snatch, rob, or take without asking.
Yo, she D Blocked me for my iPod.
by Mr.H December 08, 2005
besides the fact its the group consisting of Jadakiss, Sheek louch, Styles P. and Jae Hood, the D- in
D-Block means disfunctional. Thats basically mean grimy

and something else my muthafuckin hood nigga..HoodLife Bitch
-i Just stole this niggas wallet and shot him in his chest.
- damn son thats d-block
by Randy aka the Missing Link August 19, 2004
The worst block in the worst hood of the city.
Welcome to d-block the mighty mighty d-block, the place in new york city where diddy dont even walk the part of yonkers i wouldn't be caught without two pistols on me that'll be cocked in each pocket
by nego December 06, 2005
1:To Rob someone.
2:To jump someone.
3:3.5.4. Boys.
4:Newark Brick City.
5:Damu Block.
6:Dope Block.
1:Yo dat coat looks hot im about ta D-BLOCK him for that.
2:Yo lets D-BLOCK dat fool, i hate him.
3:(Sheek-Styles-Jadakiss-Jae-hood)or Roc1-Trase2-Bundy-Eze.
4:Bloods Block.
5:A block that sells drugs.
by Roc1 December 02, 2003