Dangerous Block Lock Out Crip Killers
Don't mess with the homie hes with D.B.L.O.C.K
by TheGhostKiller July 24, 2009
A group than runs shit at your favorite local supermarket. Not be messed with...
d-block will start a war at any cost, so don't be hatin
by olif July 13, 2011
When a car jacker sends a dog into the road to make the driver stop, allowing the car jacker to jack the car in question.
"Damn yo, I got d block'd. I shoulda ran that dog over!"
by asphyxy November 10, 2007
"Beer Pong re-rack where you take the triangle and turn it sideways so there is a straight line of two then one to the side"
Ey yo cree lemme get that D Block
by EAstchapelhill May 19, 2008
Where cops are the victim and female dogs are not prohibit.
The color to your attire is also important on DBLOCK.You might decide to where orange and that might get you "GOT'.
DBLOCK is the only place you dont want to be at unless you know some1 important.
by gil5040 July 21, 2006
The center section of the periodic table. Metals such as Platinum, Gold, and Silver are in the D-Block.

They are characterized by having their valence in the D-subshell.
Oh shit man, the D-block subshell has all the cool metals in it.
by Chemical Calisthetics February 08, 2004
A suburban area in Parma, OH and stomping ground of some of the greatest streetballers to walk the earth. It consists of such players as Ooh Dats Wet, The Legend, and Sidewalk Chalk.
Did you see those d-block ballas on youtube their skills are off the chain.
by Roman Pascow August 03, 2007
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