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the worst,darkest,d blocked, rundown slumed out, bombed out, blackest part of the hood! also a slang for really dark, or black!
Damn, 115th st is like "nigga black!" harlem!
I like my coffee "nigga black"
by nomodiezel4me June 03, 2006
Oh I have been waiting a long time for this, coming from Ny/Nj area I thought LA would be nice (i was forced to come), since i got off the plane it has sucked, For the last 18 mos i have really kept an open mind and this is my synopsis, LA is a fucking pit. The people cant drive, in sunny weather, let alone a light drizzle, during a light drizzle, the city comes to a grinding halt, schools close and people lock there doors, maybe they wouldnt get robbed, carjacked and burglarized if they had the brains to lock there doors, its 2006 damn it, Maybe there wouldnt be gangbangers if law enforcment did anything, LAPD, who are they i never even seen them, i got held up in a tobacco shop and the cops didnt come for 30 minutes, In Ny the cops would come in 2 sec, guns blazing, besides what do you need cops for, every ilegal turn is standard operating procedure here , its perfectly normal to "flipabitch" into oncoming traffic or have two lanes making a lefturn, they say i have an accent, have you ever heard these superficial moron s speak, its coffee, not kafeee! look up the prononce in the dictionary "coow""fe", the people have no brains either everyone is an aspiring actor and has an agent, and most these frauds come from outoftown to boot, so basically what your saying is that you are too rich or lazy to work, and people should pay you to prance around on set all day cause your that COOL!, no wonder this is such a great place, very intellectual people huh? The bus is a NIGHTMARE there is no schedule , well there is but it doesnt come on sced so its useless, the 10 diffrent bus services they have dont connect with out a half mile walk, god forbid you have to take a bus after 10pm, if its more than one bus your lucky to make it half way there, but then you get to walk the rest of the way,(at least the weathers nice rght!) you could call a friend to pick you up if the la-ites thought you well enough to grace your presince, but thats not gonna happen cause locals will not drive more than two blocks away, cause its to far, except to buy more methamphetamine, because it cures that pesky urge to eat, somthing la-ers could careless about. They all have eating disorders anyway even the men.but its okay cause the only thing to eat is mexican food, try getting pizza outhere, unless it has celery as a topping. People here are scum, yeah the women are pretty, but unless your 50, bald, have a belly and drive a german suv, fogettaboutit!, jus cause she's 22 and your 23 and have substance, dosent mean she digs u all she sees is a bank account.another thing, trash is in here, if your whitetrash, blacktrash latin or asian trash "AND" have $$$ too!!!!the chicks flock to you,yes they pick u, theres no wiggle room with this, these freaks ALWAYS beat aroun the bush, there zero chance of somone being straight with you, no, literally, als there all undercover homos here, the guys act straight one minute, next there frolicking around west hollywood in some flipflops or a pr of pink ugz, yes , why , cause everyone in this cultureless hell hole is bizarre, cant dress, where weird shit, act like eccentric, narcasistic bafoons, and think they should get paid for it too.I can go forever with this, Ive been stuck here for months everyday is struggle not to off myself here, i via for normal new yorker who are straight up and have moorals boundries, NEVER AGIN will i live here NEVER AGAIN, i went home for vacation and kissed the FU*&#N ground when i landed. Its like an old guns and roses video that wont end. I will never comeback again!
los angeles is the pitts, dont even compare to nyc or nj
by nomodiezel4me June 04, 2006
usually the worst block in ya hood! where they slang diesel all day!
a-Here come dem paterson niggas gain
b-not dem 12th ave niggas
a-thats str8t d block there!
by nomodiezel4me June 03, 2006
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