An area near south east london, more commonly known as "Dartford". Wigger boys believe that these ends are ghetto and tend to call the area Dblock, although there are no "Blocks" (High Rise Flats) in Dartford. Furthermore a high majority of these fake gangsters claiming to be from "Dblock" infact do not inhabit or have links with the said area. For example many live in places such as Bexleyheath, Lewisham and Deptford. Others are from as far away as Tonbridge, and are too old to pretend that they are from "Da Hood". The group of idiotic boys that enjoy making songs and shouting loudly on buses "DBlock DBlock DBlock What What" need to realise that Dartford is not "Da Hood" (Also neither is Bluewater as they like to think). Basically noone is knocking Dartford as a place, but people should refrain from using the term DBlock to describe this rather normal town. DIS IS NOT DA HOOD YAH FIMME GEEE? (Example Of DBlock boys vocabulary. It is extremely limited)
Dblock yute number 1: wagwarn gang, is man rolling Dblock tonight with all the Dblock mandem?

Dblock yute number 2: corse blad, Dblock is my life alie? Although manz got no pee so gonna have to bunk the train from tonbridge ya get me ? Its nutting doe cos I'm a badman.
by Darty Ford April 25, 2009
The Biggest and Badess Block in every city.
Only the strong survive

Where the name D comes from
Shit better take off my G-Unit shoes 'fore i get shot up
by Bong Water August 05, 2004
to steal something
"yo ima d-block ya gurl son"
by dee December 24, 2003
one of many different blocks in prison.
A"oi i hear dat rich is in lockaz agen"
B"ye man he rules d block"
by botty July 16, 2006
1)a level of a prison/jail (floor)
2)to steal something
1)yo.. i'm locked in the d-block
by skimbad August 27, 2003
To steal sumtin from a stor or another person.
How much more shit can we Dblock from walmart b4 we get caught.
by Dargon Extreme September 23, 2005
A Yonkers rap group consisting of Jadakiss, Styles P, and J hood. The group is named after Jadakiss' cell block in jail.
To steal, rob
Yo i straight d blocked that bitches shit.
by chantel c December 05, 2007

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