usually the worst block in ya hood! where they slang diesel all day!
a-Here come dem paterson niggas gain
b-not dem 12th ave niggas
a-thats str8t d block there!
by nomodiezel4me June 03, 2006
To Steal Something from Someone, and Claim its Yours.
Do you beliave she dblocked me for my new video? How can she even think it wasent me?
by Christyna April 18, 2008
When somebody stops u from getting some action. It could be as mild as stopping your friend from talking to the opposite gender, to as severe as stopping you from getting a handjob in the woods. Also: a nickname given to one (such as katie or anthony) who continuosly dblock without realizing it.
Known as cock block also
I was going to get some action but that ginger fucking dblocked me again
by me llamo jonas June 16, 2008
the fucking most ghetto school you will ever go to in your life.

also known as william t. dwyer highschool in palm beach gardens florida.

some call it william t. africa or just plain d-block.

we have our own song, its called d-block by tko.

how bout them panthers???


by dblock sucks cock October 13, 2007
to commit a thievery upon another persons property without prior knowledge
"yo i totally d blocked that shit"
by Princess Rammalammadingdong September 22, 2007
A large mustached dyke that dosen't get any vag with a fondness for pretty young girls with a propensity to cock block any male that approachs said girls.
That nasty old dyke cock blocked me so bad when I tried to talk that new hot blonde intern. She is such a D-Block.
by misterx69 July 25, 2011
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