Hip Hop group lead by rapper B-Real, music related to weed, smoking weed , rolling weed, smoking weed thru bongs, about people buying weed, selling weed and growing weed.
"lets have this owl on cypress hill"
"i can hear hits from the bong" "yea its cypress hill, shall i ring glen?"
"yea quart plz"
by Wu April 06, 2003
Top Definition
the best motherfuckin band EVER!!!
first group to bring out a rap/gangsta rap/rock mix with feeling and plzce it through the mic...
B-Real, Muggs, Sen-Dog, bobo
"boom biddy bye bye...line up on tha floor now ur all gonna die...!"
by 50 February 16, 2004
REAL rap/hip-hop, much unlike the waterd-down BS produced by many 'musicians'/'artists' today.
by Shawn B. September 09, 2003
Literally best hip hop and rock band ever and the respect they deserve is not what they are getting. 17 years now and they are still the greatest
B-Real Larry Muggerud (Muggs) Sen Dogg and Bobo
by Kody April 05, 2005
name of a tight musical talent whose main theme for inspiration is the smokage and transportation of cannabis sativa. know for their awesome flow, profane lyrics, while still commanding respect while still "keeping it real". this term can be used in reference to a person who has these qualities. it has also been used, especially in suburbia, to describe the habbit some homies have to cruise around the backstreets while "hot-boxing" any type of vehicle while listening to cypress hill.
"cypress hill is tight"
"yeah homes, that very cypress hill of you"
"sup foo...lets go cypress hill for un momento in my new ranfla"
by kermi June 23, 2003
West Coast chiba, weed, stress smoking Bloods from South Gate LA. One of the best west coast rap groups to have ever landed on this planet!!!!!!
Lets go cypress hill on Ice Cube
by J Rock1000 August 30, 2005
The True OG s Of Latin Gangster Music, You can't compare them with the faggot ass 2pac, 50 cent and the bitch ass Game...Cypress Hill never made songs of candy shops, bitches shaking ass or the worst of all love shit Their rap as mainly about The sticky Green Shit And G Shit (Gangster Shit) X3 Style vatos!!!!
Cypress Hill...........Shit I want to get Hiiii ese, so hiiiii so roll it up, light it up, smok it up, inhale exhale...
by Sur X3 Traviezo August 15, 2005
A West Coast band that was formed in 1991 outside of L.A. with the likes of B-Real (who also did a solo album), Sen Dog and DJ Muggs. They are a band that composes songs that are a variety of genres; mostly rock, rap and reggae. The majority of their songs try to promote weed, basically demanding it should be legalized. All in all, one of the greatest bands to ever form.

Hit songs include:
-Hits from the bong
-What's your Number?

B-Real and Sen Dog: Awww, comin through for real we Cypress Hill, awe baby got that crunk for your trunk, goin' gangsta crazy.

If you smoke weed, listen to Cypress Hill.
by Cypress Hill Fan September 07, 2006
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