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Someone who says something crazy...or wrong.
Erica:You like thomas dont you?
Avery: NOOO! you're a freaker.
by ECA May 06, 2007
A mild version of f**ker.
Someone really really weird.
You freaker!
He is such a freaker...
by discoblob October 23, 2003
A male or female with various gimmicks & can be very unpredictable sometimes. They dress in goth/punk clothing, are expected to abuse drugs, & are very bipolar at times & may holler something in your face when you least expect it. Just punch them in the face or take a picture of them while they holler, to prevent another similar incident.
"Oh man nigga it was mad stupid! The alley was like full--"
"Hey buddy...wanna rock with me?"
"Man you freak us out! Now piss off! Damn freaker!"
by Smart American Male September 07, 2006
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