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the best motherfuckin band EVER!!!
first group to bring out a rap/gangsta rap/rock mix with feeling and plzce it through the mic...
B-Real, Muggs, Sen-Dog, bobo
"boom biddy bye bye...line up on tha floor now ur all gonna die...!"
by 50 February 16, 2004
shes the fuckin sexiest diva in wwe. i'd fuck her all night long!
torrie: oh yes! oh yeah! fuck me! take me!
by 50 September 19, 2003
Something that is beautiful, or deserves special notification.
That car that Doug got is Beauts!!
by 50 November 06, 2003
the best nu- metalers from el nino, Brazil! they fuckin rock!!!
how can i live without you? - confession (their new album!!!) ILL NINO
by 50 October 17, 2003
the BEST grunge band ever existed. shame for them...Kurt will'll miss u dearly.
"i need an easy friend...i do..."
by 50 December 13, 2003
20 dollars worth of crack.
a let me get a dub.
by 50 May 12, 2003
to light a bun or weed, cigerette.
smoke a zoot, blad.
by 50 September 19, 2003
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