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to choose one of a group of women/men and separate this one woman/man from the rest of the group.
to select a hot chick and take her away from her friends in order to have her for yourself.
by bluenyte April 06, 2004
select a chick from the crowd (or her group of friends)and move in on her
"I'm goin' after the short thin blonde, Rick, its your turn to fall on the grenade and get her whalefuck friend outta the picture."
by Jake April 02, 2004
To remove on individual or small group from a larger group. Grab a volunteer.

Used by ranchers in US West to tell some one to pick any cow out of the herd.
"Hey, we need help with this, cut one from the herd."

"There's too many people int his line, start cutting from the herd."
by Ogma April 02, 2004
a polite way of saying you kicked someone out of your circle of friends survivor style.
"Yeah, I don't really hang out with Jimbo anymore. We kinda cut him from the herd."
by ~*erin*~ April 10, 2004
Often falling from ones rear. Much like droppin the Cosby's off at the pool.
I cut one from the heard better stay awayfrom there for a while.
by Bobby Joe April 09, 2004
in a word, to fart.
He cut one from the herd after downing three cans of refriend beans.
by KJ April 08, 2004
Pull a fat girl off, and beef her.
I'm feeling horny, better cut one from the herd
by Kirby April 07, 2004
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