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To be insulted in the worst way possible. To be cussed.
"I cuss you bad"
by Monkeybuttpadje February 17, 2003
To be gayed up with love in the most homosexual manner possible.
"Tom is gaying me up with love"
by Monkeybuttpadje February 17, 2003
Really sexy beast from the United Kingdom. Sometimes....sometimes his comedy stylings make one want to perform some sort of devious act upon themselves. His wit also alienates those who fail at all attempts at comedy, causing them to be overly caustic to him and claim Monkeybuttpadje to be both 'unfunny' and 'stupid' (see: jealousy). Thankfully, those people are in the minority.
"Dude, Jackass The Movie is funny like Monkeybuttpadje"
by Monkeybuttpadje March 04, 2003
When a male ejaculates in a comedy fashion. ALSO: the term can be used to describe a foolish person.
"Dude, I'm about to blurt"

"Hey blurt, where's me ganj?!"
by Monkeybuttpadje February 17, 2003
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