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A term used in spam emails in place of "cum". It is used because it visually looks like the word "cum", but it isn't caught by most spam filters.
To: undisclosed recipients
Subject: Curn like a porn star.
-------- or ---------
To: undisclosed recipients
Subject: Your girlfriend says you curn to quickly

by Spewart July 22, 2006
A coin. Possible regional dialect in New York City, possibly archaic. Noticed being used on classic television program, The Honeymoons.
Let's flip a curn to see who goes. Heads or tails?
by Word Monkey January 13, 2011
a drunken term for a sharp curve in the road (half a curve half a turn)
"Look out you're coming up to a curn"
by Scott Krieger March 25, 2006
To cut with a burning hot blade.
Blade is often an orange/yellow shade for short period of time for proper curning.
"I'll curn you!"
by Mr. Swannygoods August 08, 2008