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Bozo the Clown

This is a time sensitive sex move that can only be done a few days of the month. While banging your woman who is on her rags in the ass from behind, right before cumming you pull her tampon out and shove your hand up her snatch. Pull the red blood filled hand out and proceed to paint her face with your shit covered cock, blood filled hand and finish off the clown mask with a nice white coat of cum. This will result in divorce so do not attempt if you are married.
I never want to see that woman again, so I gave her the "Bozo the Clown" so she would never come back.
by jayklaw January 05, 2012
After gorging out on a huge 911 hot plate of wings, you get so piss drunk and forget to wash your hands. Later that night with your woman of the night, you start getting down and dirty. Shortly after proceeding to finger bang the shit out of her holes, she starts to scream in pain. Lesson to be learned is to wash those hot haberneros off your hands before foreplay!
I got a nasty text from the slut I was with last night. She was so pissed at me for fingerbanging her without washing the hot sauce off my hands. She said she I gave her the Curning Bunt for hours, I think she meant the burning cunt. Lol!
by jayklaw January 05, 2012

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