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Adjective used to describe an undesirable situation or event.
"Oh no I missed the bus ... cuntrageous!"
by Ryan September 13, 2004
Conduct that is so outrageously cunty that it is cuntrageous.
Can you believe that cuntrageous asshole, he just felt me up!
by Olia March 23, 2008
Inifinetely outrageous, really bad situation.

A person who commits an outrageous act
1) What that guy did was cuntrageous

2) That shit was cuntrageous
by Peter August 17, 2004
A situation is cuntrageous when it is both outrageous and a party involved in the situation has acted in a selfish or spiteful manner, who may colloquially be referred to as a cunt.
Kabir says: Are you seriously telling me that Mathan didn't stop trolling Daisy for 16 straight hours?
Byron says: Yup
Kabir says: That is cuntrageous!
by EmperorK June 05, 2015

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