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To be really taken or pleased by someone.
After a few dates with Rob, Sarah was smitten as a kitten.
by RockStar December 28, 2004
A Great Singer and deons't lip sync
Did I mention she sings?
by Rockstar June 16, 2003
someone who is a total fuckin bastard, a pure unrivaled twat of a person
dave you're such a cuntrag
by rockstar March 01, 2004
a real mixture of a tiger and a shark but not really a tiger shark its almost like a tiger shark flipped around but not so much sharkness
rock your body, shiger tark!
by rockstar March 30, 2005
Coming from the expression. "That went down like a spaz on stilts"
A drink that is consumed very quickly and easily and is also found to be very refreshing. usually the first pint after a long day @ work.
That was a right stiltza
by rockstar March 01, 2004
Makes the world's fastest car. With out being supped up like a rice rocket
A TVR Tucan has a 4.8litre 6 cylinder Engine with 686 horsepower. With 0-60 in 2.0secs enough to kill a Mclaren or Enzo
by Rockstar June 16, 2003
The Skyline's Bigger brother. Just as fast
Mah 350z Could crush a Viper SRT-10 in 0-60
by Rockstar June 16, 2003

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