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Somewhere between cuddling and fucking, there are fuckles.
"Baby I miss you so much, I can't wait to give you fuckles."


"I love you, let's fuckle."
by Olia March 06, 2006
A whole new level of cuntish behavior. Conduct that is SO cuntish, that it is at an extreme level, thus also being spectacular.

Did you hear how she told that girl off? It was cuntacular!
by Olia March 23, 2008
Conduct that is so outrageously cunty that it is cuntrageous.
Can you believe that cuntrageous asshole, he just felt me up!
by Olia March 23, 2008
A catastrophic event that occurs as a result of someone's cuntish (selfish, mean, horrible) actions.
I can't believe that she broke the TV when she threw her shoe at it, what a cuntastrophe.
by Olia March 23, 2008
A person who has an affinity got cunty people, for example said person might only associate with people who others would describe as 'cunts."
He is such a cuntophile, all of his girlfriends have been intolerable.
by Olia March 23, 2008
A clone or doppelganger. Used mostly to avoid saying clone because it sounds too much like clown and clowns are evil.

There are other forms of the word merle. For example:
Merletiplicity- Having more than one merle
Animerle-Looking like a cartoon character
Merletiply-To notice more and more look-alikes of oneself.
We're so much alike, we must be merles!

I used to have one merle, but recently they seem to have merletiplied.
by Olia March 17, 2006

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