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Similar to fucktard, this word is a portmanteau of cunt and retard. While fucktard is associated with activly acting like a fucking retard, a cuntard is more passive and just sits there acting like a retarded cunt.
You didn't take out the garbage again, you lazy cuntard.
by Swamp Ig June 19, 2005
(noun) A female, who like her male counterpart known as the munt, acts irresponsible and reckless in her behavior where social graces, common etiquette, and/or her general disregard for fellow humans is concerned.
Her friend treated her like a real cuntard when she learned she bought the same dress for the dance.
by GlindaTheGoodBitch January 21, 2015
A female cunt out in public with her bastard child.
That stupid cuntard just walked in front of our car.
by CrazyCarolina July 30, 2015
a woman whos a retard
That girl was such a cuntard!
by heyursupergay99 February 10, 2010

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