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A mixture of "cunt" and "retarded". most likely to be said at someone who's acting whorrishly stupid.
*at a party*

Brittney spears: whooo i'm sooo drunk i think I'll sleep with Justin Timberlake.

Justin Timberlake: Damnit britney stop acting cuntarded you look like a fool.
by yermoom December 13, 2009
when somebody is in an awkward state, and it slowly but surely becomes embarrassing.
Can you believe she CHOKED while she did her oral report in front of the class? Everybody was staring at her, how embawkward!
by yermoom August 23, 2010
a person who is constantly being asked out by lesbian's and/or gays.
diana: that girl keeps making eyes at sharon and biting her lip!
courtney: i think we've got a severe case of lesbo-magnet!
sharon: oh no, not again, i think i'll g hid eout in the bathroom! i hope my spot isn't taken.
by yermoom December 18, 2009
no no, no no. people have SO misinterpreted the meaning for the word gayfer. The ORIGINAL meaning for gayfer means a gay fat person. this word originates from the word heffer, which means a big person. adding gay as a pretence is a way to call someone gay AND fat. mm, a double-threat :)
*at school*
courtney: OMG that girl got big!
sharon: i hear she's turned lesbian.
courtney: ahahaha what a gayfer!
by yermoom December 18, 2009
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