Although taught traditionally in all good homes (through gesturing, whispering, references to select alphabetic characters, use of acronyms and extreme parental violence) that this word is never to be uttered in polite society, this term is long overdue for a definitional makeover by sheer virtue of its empowerment factor. In the past, this term was utilized by truckers, sanitation workers, bartenders, plumbers (of course...) and others of low birth and social status (all of whom are male...well, occasionally the spurned lesbian...oh, cmon' ladies, I'm a sister too!!! You know it's true!) to refer to a justifiably sexually reluctant woman by analogizing her in a derogatory fashion to that part of a woman's anatomy they would like to call home on a daily basis (never mind that they have been permanently denied access, due to bad behavior, unattractiveness AND/or poor personal hygiene.) Therefore, due to its relegation to usage hell, this term merits resurrection. Why it is that when "dick" is used to refer to a man, it is met by snickers, the usual nods and general apathy, but when "cunt" is is used to refer to a woman, it is always followed by the startle response?! When a man has "balls" he is applauded, but when a woman is a "cunt", she is reviled. I fail to recognize why it is that a spongy, occasionally blood-filled (can you say Viagra?) vestigial organ and a glandular sac engenders more respect and dignity than the sacred passageway of life. You figure it out?! Does the user realize that the utterance of this word impugns the very vessel from whence life sprung forth from their mother's womb? No, I think not! And why, you ask? Because the user is small...very, very the literal, figurative and metaphorical sense of the word. And for this very reason, this term merits the following definition..are you ready? A STRONG, CONFIDENT, EMPOWERED WOMAN WHO TAKES BULLSHIT FROM NO FUCKING MAN...AND I MEAN NO MAN!!!
As Dorothy pedaled past the stately arches of the Chestnut Street Bridge on her Pepto pink-colored Schwinn, she was brutely and viciously knocked to the ground by a masked male marauder. As she strugged to her dainty feet and threw the bike atop her attacker, she stomped it into his nuts, and shouted proudly, "Don't mess with this cunt, you punk-ass bitch!!!"
by larsrahmstadt March 18, 2008
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Derogatory term for a woman. Considered by many to be the most offensive word in the English language.
My ex-girlfriend is a fucking cunt.
by Captain Fantastic February 15, 2003
A synonym for a woman's genitalia, vagina, pussy, etc.
She has the preetiest cunt :-)
I want to fuck her cunt
You fucking cunt!
I want to eat her cunt
The two women were fucking each other's cunt
by Gil October 05, 2002
1) A person so vile as to be without any redeeming feature.

2) A Vagina
As he smiled and assured the world that he "cared passionately for the people of Iraq" Tony Blair revealed himself as the personification of a fucking cunt.

As the doctor inspected the vibrator lodged inside Mrs Thatcher's vagina, he turned and said "The fuckin' fuckers fucked up that fuckin' cunt's cunt."
by seistan December 17, 2009
1) vulva/vagina
Almost certainly a proper technical term for the female organ(s) - consider the number of similar-sounding terms in both Latin and Germanic languages. Became a taboo word simply because it related to both sex and femininity - but many prefer it, finding that other everyday terms like "pussy" just don't have the right sound.

2) stupid/contemptible person of either gender
Only in America is this considered a specifically misogynistic insult. In Britain it is most likely to be heard amongst men quarelling.
(Message to board moderator who rejects my definitions:)
I may have a cunt, but don't presume I am one.
by su france September 03, 2005
Probably the best word in the english language. Can really shock people if used correctly
i smashed your nans cunt on her death bed
by Joe1234cunt July 15, 2008
The ORIGINAL english word for a vagina.
Stop being such a pussy... "cunt" is one of the oldest and strongest words in our language.
by blokechap August 22, 2008
One of the best parts of a girl's body.
The one thing most guys want to get to.
A reciever for the male penis.
A degrading name for a girl.
That girl's cunt is tighter than a vice grip.
Susie has got one fine cunt.
That girl Alice is a cunt.
by Forever1999 March 23, 2005
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