A nasty person. Used in Australia and UK as a synonym for bastard (but a really bad one).
My boss made me stay back at work on my birthday. He's a real cunt.
by petey March 04, 2005
A woman with the ethics of a man.
Hillary Clinton is universally regarded as a Cunt.
by Mo Dixley August 09, 2005
Thought to be the most effective word in the english language for making ones point. It may also be sprinkled onto everyday sentences to spice them up rather dramatically.

It is often ranked higher in power than both fuck and cock combined.

Certain combinations of words have reached its effectiveness (such as 'smell my vagina it's full of pus' or 'what is that my tongue keeps hitting in your ass?') but no single word has come close.

Where cock and fuck must be used strategically for effectiveness, cunt needs no extra help. It is universally effective, regardless of the context.

The word is so powerful that it has been known to cause embarrassment when using words that sound like it. For example, many sideways glances have been observed in school children singing 'My CUNTry tis of thee'.

An interesting note: The word is universally effective, but when it is used by a male, it is estimated to be an additional 50 to 75% MORE effective than when a woman uses it.
"Mom, I can see your cunt through those pants, can't you wear something else?"
"Hello 911? I got a hotdog stuck in my dog's cunt, can you help me?"
"I have a feeling Mother Theresa kept a spider in her cunt, but I also believe she did a lot of good for the people."
"Cunts first" (when opening a door for a lady)
by Spleen2006 May 11, 2006
In Australia (maybe UK/NZ too - not sure), cunt can be used to address friends or to jovially comment about their slyness. Cunt is also becoming more commonly used by woman in Australia too, but it's still not a great word for the older generation.
How you goin you old cunt?

You sneaky little cunt!
by peteyboy February 20, 2005
A term of endearment between males (Australia) esp. 'Old cunt'
Ow are ya you old cunt?
(How are you?)
by petey March 04, 2005
A person who is mean and spiteful as a general rule.
My boss is a real cunt.
by Cuntman March 19, 2005
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