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Frozen treats made from seminal fluid
mmmm cumsicles!
by Logz0r March 15, 2004
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Is frozen cum on a stick. Much like a popsicle. It can be a nice tasty refreshing treat. Especially to enjoy when horny. lol
I enjoyed a nice refreshing cumsicle yesturday when i got really horny from reading urban dictionary. I enjoyed my cumsigle as I masturbated. YUMMY!!!
by sexysamitha June 04, 2009
when a guy cums in a girl oustide during the winter,then lets it drip out as it freezes,followed by another girl sucking the "cumsicle"
GIRL 1 to GIRL 2-so i heard you let "bob" do a cumsicle with you and your mom.

GIRL 2 to GIRL 1-yea,thats true it was the best time of my life.
by anonypooh October 07, 2010
frozen sperm on stick that gayman can enjoy licking
instead of licking the cumsicle jimmy stuck it up his ass and enjoyed it form his other whole
by fanarizzle January 08, 2009
A frozen ice cream cone primarily filled with jizz with a little sprinkle of pubics for seasoning
HA! Nick just fucking ate the cumsicle!
by Taha Abdul Nasser Hijazi December 10, 2008
When a man cums on his own dick, then enters a walk-in freezer where someone then sucks off the cum.
I got a Cum-sicle at work today.
by Royadin January 28, 2013
when ur jacking off when its cold and it freezes and a girl whacks you off and then sucks on it
She liked that cumsickle
by cummin hard.... January 28, 2004

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