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The best thing anyone has ever yelled in a merionette film (Team America) just before sending some ragheads flying right into the sphynx in an explosive jeep.
Chris: Surprise, cockfags!
by Logz0r September 22, 2005
A kick ass word to make in scrabble
holy shit Dustin I just put fagz0r in the scrabble game... why is your grandma laughing?
by Logz0r March 21, 2004
I concur wholeheartedly my african american brethren
man1: that is dumb
man2: for shizzle my nizzle
by Logz0r March 15, 2004
when you get hit in the ballsack so hard that it turns blue

often happens while attempting scateboard tricks
holy shit that guy just bluebagged himself >_<
by Logz0r March 15, 2004
The weapon of choice for logz0r, basically a trebuchet, fired from the shoulder... fires concrete slabs
muahahahaha motherfucker!! my slabzooka just raped your ass with slabs made of concrete >_<
by Logz0r March 16, 2004
A big fat ass wooden thing that shoots rocks really fast. Looks like a catapault only cooler, and it has crazy ropes and stuff
I killed you with my big fuckin trebuchet... HUZZAH!
by Logz0r March 15, 2004
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