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The best freaking movie in the whole world you dipstick.
Friend: did you go see Frozen?
Other friend: no not yet.
Friend: oh okay we're not friends.
by Jennifer Lawrence. January 11, 2014
465 145
Someone wearing lots of diamonds (ice) would be frozen
Jacob the Jeweler keeps my arms so frozen
by konichiwakitty July 29, 2003
87 61
syrupy juice frozen in a plastic cup is called "a frozen". It's usually used in the South East USA. In most communities someone will sell frozens out of their houses to the neighborhood children for a quarter or so and they're called "the frozen lady" or "the frozen man".
"dang its hot outside, let me run down to the frozen lady's house to get a frozen".
by Jnia September 10, 2006
70 48
When you're waiting on a coke deal and can't do anything else until you have safely obtained cocaine... you're frozen in the snow.
Drug addict: I just got 6 bundles, some ketamine, acid, shrooms, a little blow, and some klonapins... ready to party?

Cokehead: I just ordered up a ball, I'm gonna be frozen for about 20 minutes.
by Snowflake 2.0 February 05, 2012
51 37
next level of being cool.
o my GOD that guy is so frozen, check out his accent!
by 27.7° September 09, 2008
25 16
A term used to describe someone who is in an extreme state of intoxication from too much alcohol consumption.

Many levels past "wasted" and "shit-faced"
Man I drank a case of bud and a handle of smirnoff, I was so frozen, I almost died.
by N-Money11 November 18, 2009
63 56
The state of being very high/drunk/intoxicated.

-Originated from French Canada.
Bob: Bro, I was soooo frozen last night, I don't remember anything.
John: I know, you even tried hitting on Gertrude.
Bob: ... I what? -_-
by DJ Nocturnale December 12, 2010
19 14