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An adjective used to describe a person or object that provokes an urge to release semen upon.
Allison have i ever told you that you have a very cumonable face?
by Bucketofnails January 21, 2011
1.) a description for a surface , which is easily be a person place or thing, which is able to be ejaculated or female squirted upon without hesitation for miscellaneous reasoning at any time or place.
1.the fat girl's body was slightly hideous before the 10 beers, but man, was her face and tits ever cumonable. 2. the sorority pledge's face was very pleasing to the sisters, they deemed her very comonable, a requirement for all new pleges, so they all squatted one by one over her lovely grill, and gave her the sister shower also known as a female bukakke
by wterasta January 09, 2011

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