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1. able to be motorboated. 2. the appearance of a womans breasts of being highly worthy of the act of motorboating, which is to dive in and indulge in a womans breasts with furous glee all the while making noises similar to that of a motorboat. also see motorboat (v.) and motorboating(v.)
Salma Hayaks Tits are so fuckin motorboatable.......


those 4D tits are motorboatable as hell
by wterasta March 10, 2010
breastfast - (v.) ,(n.) - refers to the early part of a morning whenyour waking up and need to break your fast not with food , but with indulging in and motorboatin' the shit out of some nice big breasts. to break your fast with breasts.......breastfast ( breastfasting)
as i woke up , i looked over and saw the huge tits on the girl from last night. i decided to get up and have breastfast.


i seen this dude this morning in the other apartment without the blinds closed straight breastfasting on his wife
by wterasta March 11, 2010
cybertourettes refers to a new unofficial disease that has come about as a result of the internet and such things that go along with it such as e-mail, instant messageing and social networking sites such as facebook and myspace. It occurs as both acute and chronic. the person with cyber- tourettes will write something electronically that he or she is thinking or feeling strongly about at that time and afterwards sends this information to one or more people. The particular information is usually information that when looked at approximately 24 hrs afterwards outrages or embarasses the original senders eyes , having the original sender usually mudder or think to his/herself, "what was i thinking"
Billy sees a girl on myspace that he hasnt seen in a while, but used to date. he looks at her pictures and writes a comment to her saying how much he would like to stick his whole face right in her booty because it looks so delicious, that he just wants to straight chew on them buttcheeks. Billy then hits the send button and happens to be on a site where there is no remove button. This particular comment billy would have never made had he thought about it or stepped back a little and thought. Billy never did this type of ting again...he had an acute case of cyber-tourettes
by wterasta June 15, 2009
1.) a description for a surface , which is easily be a person place or thing, which is able to be ejaculated or female squirted upon without hesitation for miscellaneous reasoning at any time or place.
1.the fat girl's body was slightly hideous before the 10 beers, but man, was her face and tits ever cumonable. 2. the sorority pledge's face was very pleasing to the sisters, they deemed her very comonable, a requirement for all new pleges, so they all squatted one by one over her lovely grill, and gave her the sister shower also known as a female bukakke
by wterasta January 09, 2011
1. (n.) a term used to describe the unmistakeable mustache that is usually sported by typically older emergency responders ranging from firemen, EMT's , Paramedics and sometimes law officers. 2. ( n.) acronym for Emergency Responders Mustache
regardless of the the ERM, danny the EMT was able to work his way threw the crawl space to save the child.


that guy has the ERM going on, he must be a fireman
by wterasta March 18, 2010
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