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Abbreviation for "chuckling under my breath." Used when something is mildly amusing; tickles your funny bone.
Mike: So I was making out with this girl the other day, and I got this massive cramp in my leg and fell off the bed!
Caity: cumb
by CaitTheGreat June 29, 2008
17 8
The combination of "cum" and "crumb". Usually created in the act of wiping the cum off from your manhood with a Kleenex, then immediately, or soon after, wiping off some crumbs (probably Nabisco brand Chocolate Chip Cookies with 25% Reduced Fat) off of a surface with the said Kleenex; creating Cumb. Not recommened for consumption, unless you're a chick. That is totally fine.
Dude, is that Cumb in your wastebasket?
Uh, you mean cum? Probably.
Nah, I think I see some cookie crumbs in it, too...
by Brianysus April 05, 2011
9 3