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Kleenex, toilet paper, or paper towels used to shoot a load of cum into, or to clean up the mess that may have spattered elsewhere by mistake.
I held my cum rag in one hand and my johnson in the other, then I shot the load into the cum rag.
by RexGibson December 04, 2005
362 109
A cloth, towel, article of clothing, or "rag" used before, during, or after a male ejaculation. It can be used to clean up, clean the phallus, or actually be used as a target for the ejaculate to avoid a mess.
The sick fuck used my panties as a cum rag.

No, no that's not my cum rag it's my handkerchief!
by Pedo bear October 27, 2007
247 90
a rag or cloth used to wipe up excess ejaculation; a woman who enjoys being ejaculated upon; extremely easy woman; notoriously loose
You know Jane the cheerleader? She's the football team's cumrag on road games.
by MartinBlank March 30, 2005
245 95
someone or something u use to wipe ur dick with after ejaculating
Adam - dude i accidently used my girlfriends english essay as a cum rag last night!

John - thats awesome!
by c-bomb February 03, 2006
212 73
1) a piece of cloth used to wipe semen from one's belly, fingers, penis, partner or other body part or object following ejaculation;

2) an epithet slapped on someone who disgusts or irritates
1) Even a cumrag can't get jizz out of pubes!

2) You callin me a cumrag, bitch?
by Jack September 26, 2003
52 18
A Rag used constantly to clean up Cum after beating off a Penis
Tim used his Cum Rag to clean up his jizz after accidently dripping some on the table.
by LL Jonsey January 17, 2009
46 21
Brawny Towel, dishcloth, crusty old sock, family pictures, unsuspecting poodle used to keep nut off the carpet
#1) My girlfriend knows she's just a cumrag and she's cool with it.
#2) My cumrag gives me money so's I stay home at night.
#3) I had to strangle that cumrag... she snorted all my meth.
by joe35205 June 21, 2006
43 19