1. Fat - meaning that girls understand word as.

2. Something/someoone that you can hug and cuddle for a long time. Something that feels nice to cuddle.
1. Omg dude you're so cuddly.. Eat less.

2. You're just so cuddly.. I want to cuddle you even more...
by KSIRevenant September 10, 2011
Top Definition
Something that you could just cuddle with and hug forever. Usually cute, soft and sweet.
J.M, Supreme Kai and Ky Kiske are cuddly.
by Shawn B. May 22, 2003
1. Evoking a desire to cuddle (compare huggable and snuggly).
2. Fond of cuddling.
1. Is it OK to hold that kitten? It looks so cute and cuddly.

2. My friends think I act too cuddly sometimes.
by Ingeborg S. Nordén August 20, 2006
A word to describe someone that is of extreme attraction. Known in UK slang rather than US.
Person1: "Wow! Jamie sure is cuddly!"
Person2: "Oh hell yeah he/she is."
by BLACK_HAWK April 09, 2009
another word for pudgy or chubby. not overweight, but has a little bit of fat. the perfect amount of fat.
amy: i think i need to lose some weight, i'm looking kinda big...
andrew: you're not fat, you're cuddly. i love your pudge.
by mcgaloonasten October 25, 2011
used in exchange for c*nt when saying it to a loved one or when around kids
"oh, fran your such a cuddly!"
by cillers October 19, 2011
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