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A character from the Guilty Gear series, a bunch of videogames made by Sammy and Arc System Works. He uses a lightning elemental sword and is French in descent. Also very sexy. ^_~
Ky Kiske is the hottest blonde guy to ever appear in a videogame ever.
by CasandraKiske March 27, 2004
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A badass mofo from Guilty Gear. N00bs tend to use him because of his awesome powers.

Also has a cool theme song, Holy Orders (Be Just Or Be Dead).
Cool dude (Using Ky Kiske): Eat this!

*uses the "Ride The Lightning" Overdrive*

n00b (Using Ky as well): OMGWTF U CH33TZ0RZ!!!11!one
by Ky User October 12, 2006

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