Pretty much sexual intercourse with clothes on. Occurs a lot in small public gatherings where two people show interest but are disinclined to actually take it further. So to make up for it they cuddle closely, even straddling each other slightly, thus the "fucking" part of the word.
Wow, those two are definitely cuddlefucking in that seat
Bob and Steph are cuddlefucking on that seat, you might not want to sit close to them.
#cuddlefucking #cuddle #sex with clothes on #intimacy #fucking
by whydoesthismatter April 21, 2008
Top Definition
When you lay behind your girl for some sappy ass movie and cuddling, then you make your move
"Man my girl wanted me to cuddle and watch Twilight, but we ended up cuddlefucking !"
#cuddling #fucking #sex #humping #movies
by Big Black 1313 June 28, 2013
When the leader of the evening in your posse deems it time to leave the Club. They then proceed to gather the group but not head towards the door. Thus causing a jam up in traffic that forces you to stand uncomfortably close to your guy friends.
Josh - Yo lets get out of here
10 Minutes Later
Mike - Come on.. enough of the Cuddle Fucking lets move! Adam is running up the back of my legs and I Brent looks like he can't breathe!
#cluster fuck #clusterfucked #brokeback #dumb #stupid
by Honey Buns March 04, 2008
clusterfucking for people who are romantically involved
hey, look, they're cuddlefucking again!!
by Daria December 17, 2002
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