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A sandwich consisting of a 1/4 lb of ham, a 1/4lb of roast pork, mustard, thinly sliced dill pickles and swiss cheese placed between a sliced cuban bread. The sandwich is then placed on a plancha, or hot press panini which toasts the outside of the sandwich and heats the ham and pork. It is served on a plate and is best chased with beer, or a batido de mamey,Mamey milkshake.
That gringo in the post above did not eat a true cuban sandwich.
by Alberto_p April 16, 2006
a bong bowl consisting of 3 layers: 1 gram of hash between 1 gram of weed below and 1 gram of weed above
lets pack some cuban sandwiches and chill the rest of the day
by wake"n"bake August 10, 2012
A term used instead of blowjob, because when you're around a group of people, you don't just want to ask a girl to give you a BJ
I could really go for a cuban sandwich right now

Dude, I bet Margo makes a mean cuban sandwich
by Mr. Cuban February 10, 2010
a blow job.
Man, I had an awesome cuban sandwich last night.
by travsikins February 10, 2010
A sandwich, most popular from Tampa, Florida and farther south, made with ham, salami, proscuittini and swiss cheese which is pressed on a sandwich roll, then dressed with mustard and pickles.
On our vacation to Florida, we ate the best cuban sandwiches.
by Bob Noxious November 28, 2003
Whens two girls fugg all over you
nice a cuban sandwich
by Anonymous May 24, 2003
A bowl layered with hash, marijuana, and topped with more hash
Dude, I can't believe we took that Cuban sandwich to the face last night.
by SNGZ01024 August 13, 2015

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