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a person who is shot full of holes
that nigga got swiss cheesed up
by moosedogg March 11, 2004
89 28
A cheese well known for having holes. Just like most rappers.
Holey cheese! No seriously...
by Zach G. October 30, 2003
52 31
To have a drive by shooting, fill someone house with bullets, thus leaving lots of holes..
You better pay up your debt or we'll swiss cheese your place tonight.
by Bao Nguyen May 16, 2007
22 16
the taste of cum mixed with lube and latex after having sexual intercourse.
James- Hey babe will you get that swiss cheese for me?
Sarah- UGH!
by XOlolXO April 08, 2009
13 14
Another synonym for drugs
Jacob and Angel are about to go out a get some Swiss Cheese
by oscar delavega January 27, 2010
9 11
Somebody who acts nice when in presence of those who like her, but when alone with those she does not like, becomes rude and self centered. Swiss cheese's are often snobbish to the point were it becomes amusing to only you.
Layla: Hey Hayley! Apparently Carly got the lead role in the school play!
Hayley: Ughhh...
Layla: WHAT?! YOU DONT LIKE CARLY?!!!!!!111?!!!1111
Hayley: She's such a swiss cheese...
Layla: Whatev.
by Okay? Okay. October 05, 2013
0 3
To empty an entire clip or ammo belt into an enemy, making them look like swiss cheese. (because they will have many bullet holes in them).
Lamar was arrested for swiss cheesing someone in a city alley last night.

Wang couldn't focus on his work because he couldn't stop thinking of how Brian swiss cheesed his entire family last night.
by tacotacooo January 17, 2010
3 6