Cheer the Fuck up.
Advice best given to angsty teens, whiny people, and/or silly emokids.
My parents don't understand me; nobody does.
C'mon, emokid, CTFU, eh? It's gonna be okay.
by Zenblend January 24, 2007
Top Definition
Cracks the Fuck Up. When laughing so hard you can hardly breathe.
When someone does or says something completly and utterly funny, ridiculous or stupid.
by lourdes April 25, 2005
Cracking the fuck up *used online only*
Selena was ctfu when she read the joke on Google
Crackin The Fuck Up
bbyVee : You Funny As Shit, CTFU !

bbyNia : Bitch, Im Not Even Half-Way Through Wat Happened Yet, And You Already Think Shit Funny ! CTFU ,
by BeeeeJayeee May 16, 2010
Cowboy the fuck up
I hear my knee

Ctfu and let's get moving
by John dorians polare August 05, 2015
CTFU means “carb the fuck up.”
Durian Rider (author of CTFU): “Eat more to live more. Carbs are your friend. Every fucking meal: carb the fuck up!”
by Max Sievers January 16, 2015
A laughing acronym standing for "crack(ing) the fuck up" similar to lmao or rofl. Primarily used by black people on myspace and facebook.
*Jaquon posts a funny/gangsta picture on facebook*
Tarrell: Yo dat shits drawlin ctfu!
by Anonymousesketeer May 14, 2010
Used in texting, email, blogs, etc, its short for Cracking The Fuck Up;
Laughing really hard,
Bob: what do you call a dead blonde in a closet
Tom: I don't know, what do you call her?
Bob: Last year's hide-n-go-seek champion!
Tom: hahaha ctfu good one.
by LinaBeana June 10, 2010
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