cracking the fuck up
Person #1: wacka wacka wacka wacka wacka
Person #2: ctfu
by Cameron R April 14, 2008
Capture The Fucking Urinal
facebook Status: "CTFU"

Comment: "CTFU: Capture the FUCKING Urinal"
by NOyourmad January 08, 2012
meaning cut the fuck up
girl, You know i like to ctfu at the clubs
by dreadcity January 09, 2011
1) Acronym for the phrase "chut the fuck up" used commonly on the internet and in texting.
CTFU the game is about to begin!
by RedAckbar November 27, 2010
callate the fuck up: callate in spanish mean shut up, so hispanic lingo for shut the fuck up, often used on facebook
"ay homie who you think you are?"
"ctfu pedro!"
by mami~~ January 02, 2012
Chill the fuck up
Mom, would you just CTFU.
by Dr Works April 16, 2011
a word that only black girls use in a fight on facebook
ctfu , whateva make yu feel gud abut yurslef girll lls.
by whitechick<3 September 19, 2010
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