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1. Acting out of character. Not being yourself. Doing somthing that would be considered unorthodox.

2. Cockblocking. Not letting one(s) be themself.

3. Doing something someone else does not like.
1. Yo, you drawlin comin to church high.

2. Bull wont let us in the party- he drawlin.

3. My grandmom drawlin puttin me on punishment.

by Leezy October 09, 2006
Drawlin: cutting up, annoying,
Drawling is a slang use most in Philadelphia
Ex: you drawlin
meaning you cutting up, acting up
by Phillychick215 March 27, 2009
Really drunk to the point that you are no longer acting close to how you normally do.

i.e. stumbling, destroying things, etc
Greg just broke the window. He's drawlin.
by Sheriff69 May 06, 2013
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