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crying while one is masturbating
When I got home,I looked up my beautiful ex. When I started pleasing myself I also started crying, whispering "I love you" while I crysturbated.
by having sex with a smile March 10, 2009
21 7
Masturbating and crying and the same time.
"Since Jack left all I do is crysturbate."
by HaleyDK January 31, 2006
53 8
When you're sad and you masturbate
From overheard in New York,

Crysturbate! Girl: It's like, when you're sad and you masturbate!
by Buck June 17, 2006
27 8
To cry while masturbating and using the tears as lubricant.
Sam: So how was the party last night?
Danny: It was okay, I went home early because there weren't enough bitches.
Sam: Did you crysturbate when you got home?
Danny: Yeah, it was a JOPO.
by Cockdriller August 07, 2010
24 7
verb. the act of crying while sexually pleasuring one's self.
David loves to crysturbate to Zac Efron's chiseled abs and classical good looks.
by Anonymouslypseudonym September 17, 2008
7 2