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sloaney abbreviation for The King's Road, London
OMG, I got nicest skirt from ADhoc on the kr today.
by Ally April 16, 2005
K = Korean
R = Reject

Korean Reject

Basically when someone tries super hard to look like a Korean popstar, but immensely fails at it. (Most are fobs who attempt it.)
Ew, look at that KR. What is he wearing and his hair?!? OMG. What a KR.
by tiredoftheKRs December 30, 2012
short for kroner or norwegian kroner (NOK) wich is the currency in Norway.
Hot new T-shirts 100 Kr
by littleBA December 10, 2005
a person who relates all things of real world origin to pieces of computer hardware
<Bob> do you want to come to a lan with me
<KR> let me ask my motherboard
by teh leet January 28, 2003
This is a short form of K mean dog (kuka) and R means rod
dude you are in a KR position. (F**** up situtation)
by SATPRA August 17, 2004
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