A stereotypical dirty "white trash" girl that frequents city suburn town streets, and malls wearing too little clothes for her body type and season, such as a tube top and daisy dukes. She often wears dirty flip flops and exhibits a discharge of "backfat" from her waist area.
Look at that crystal buying snow cones on Virginia Avenue!
by jFro June 17, 2006
Crystal - as in "solid", or "cool", like "are we cool?" "crystal."
1: Are we cool?
2: Crystal.

1: Yeah dude, it was totally awesome!
2: Crystal.

1: Are you ok?
2: Crystal

Instead of "Cooooooooool", use "Crystal".
by Cronoberrychef2 October 05, 2009
Strong willed, logical and wise. You can't make her jealous, she's aprivate person, so you wont see much of social sites, if you have the fortune of falling in love with a crystal, your life will be forever fulfilled, considered very sexy by males, men who date her are extremely lucky and grateful, if they let her go they'll regret it forever, she also has a vivid imagination and is brilliant with kids. Friends of friends want to be her friend because of her outgoing nature. A great person to have meaningful conversations with, and always great to be around, she'll keep your secrets even when she hates you. She'll only reveal information shared when a snake posed as a friend intends to harm crystal's friend. Crystal can take criticism very well and is a beast in the bed. If you lose a crystal you’ll miss her for a life time she is indeed a valuable and precious stone. Everybody wants crystal!

Pronounced kris-tl Show IPA noun, adjective, verb, crys•taled, crys•tal•ing or ( especially British ) crys•talled, crys•tal•ling.
1. a clear, transparent mineral or glass resembling ice.
2. the transparent form of crystallized quartz.
3. Chemistry, Mineralogy . a solid body having a characteristic internal structure and enclosed by symmetrically arranged plane surfaces, intersecting at definite and characteristic angles.
4. anything made of or resembling such a substance.
5. a single grain or mass of a crystalline substance.
Crystal plays her self down so everyone else can pretend to shine!
by rarebeautyagainagainagain July 03, 2012
a rare beauty who is extremly smart, and has a love for life! A beautiful person who wants to change the world and all that she meets in it!!! She is a freaky, wild, spontaneous, party girl with a love for life...and sex!
Fuck I wanna meet a Crystal
by Caleesta July 25, 2010
Always pretty has self respect
Crystal is crazy beatiful fine ass bitch
by crazy beatiful sexy wild February 03, 2010
Crystal's are stunningly beautiful girls with amazing eyes and blonde hair. Crystal's smile lights up a room and you can't help but grin from ear to ear when you see her. Crystal's are honest and caring an will give the shirt off her back if you needed it she is beautiful inside and out with a heart of gold. Crystal has a twisted sense of humor and makes even the prudist of people laugh. Crystal's are sexy and mysterious and keeps you intrigued with her every move. Always puts everyone before herself.One of Crystal's not so positive traits is her bad temper. Do not get on this girl's bad side because she will rip you apart.....while looking sexy as hell. Crystal's don't trust easily because of hurts from the past but when they fall in love they fall hard and love even harder....Crystal's are passionate. Crystal's have not always had an easy go but if you are lucky to be loved by one, they will give you the world!
That girl is a Crystal ( clearly a solid 9 out of 10)
by TaylorHall June 08, 2012
Crystal is a girls name.

Girls who have this name are always exceptionally beautiful. They look just completely gorgeous and every guy will want to date her.

Although she is known to go through rough times, she always makes it through with a smile on her face.

Exceptionally athletic and caring.

Not one to hug friends but is known to be the nicest and smartest girl of all.
Allie: Hey Crystallie

Crystal: hey hey hey darling

Allie: lets plan this weekend on facebook

crystal: great idea! (:
by Dot.Dot.Dot October 21, 2010

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