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To be very bad at something. Usually pertaining to sports.

*Coined by SAAS*
Jim knew Clemon was dysfunctional because he missed twelve layups in a row.
by Because_I'm_Batman January 13, 2014
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1. Any executive action by Dean Spanos stunted slime, incompetent team president of the San Diego Chargers, who single-handedly tossed his entire 2007 season in the crapper before it even got started.

2. Bending over to receive a good bumming from an insecure weasel and getting nothing in return.

3. Failure to grasp the consequences of a poorly thought out decision.

4. Firing the coach who led your team to a 14-2 record.
Dysfunctional Dean Spanos...stupid, stupid, stupid.

Dean Spanos, in a moment of dysfunctional reflection, “I fired the wrong Bobby”.

What the heck happened to this 2007 Charger team? Why are they so dysfunctional?
by fujikawa October 02, 2007

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