A brutal death metal band from Canada.
"Next on the Headbanger's Ball is a video from Cryptopsy."
by Bob October 22, 2003
a delayed autopsy if human, a delayed necropsy if other animal
Last night I was bored, so I dug up your grandma and gave her a cryptopsy. She was still full of embalming fluid.
by Wordizzilator October 29, 2003
Cryptopsy is simpy an autopsy of a crypt. Originated in Egypt during the reign of King Tutenknahmen (or Tut, as his homies called him), he ordered his peons to autopsy all the crypts in the area to get his country out of debt. It's just a nice way to say theft.
I just cryptopsied that car....
by Lara October 22, 2003
A Band From Montreal, Quebec Canada.
known for they're thrash metal sound of the late 80's early 90's and even now they sound more thrash then most bands.
Man, that show Cryptopsy put on last night was great!
by Jimbo October 22, 2003
This is what a male does when his pussy picks up and leaves.
I cryptopsy no to leave me but she still did.
by Littleone October 21, 2003
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