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A brutal Death Metal band, with possibly the fastest, most talented drummer in the world. They originate from Montreal, Quebec, in my homeland of Canada. :)

The band has some fairly simplistic, but mostly ass-kicking riffs. The guitars sound good too. The drummer, Flo Mounier, is fucking incredible. The vocals are mostly unintelligible Death-Grunts, not that that's a bad thing.

All in all, the band is very good, they're know for their brutality and their amazing drummer. Hard to believe there are good Death Metal bands coming from Canada, much less the French part. The world thought all Death Metal came from Sweden and the USA. What a good 'ol fashioned kick in the ass.
"Cryptopsy has an amazing drummer."


"Holy shit! Cryptopsy is playing a show in Quebec!"


"Cryptopsy has some fucking sick Death Grunts."
by Metal-Head May 05, 2005
A shitty Emo band. The vocalist has a good voice, but is a whiny bitch who should do us all a favor and kill herself. Along with the band. Seriously, if we had less of these talentless depressio tenny-bopper bands, we might have less dumbass teens who cut themselves.
"That chick from Evanescance should shut the fuck up and stop being a whiny bitch."
by Metal-Head May 05, 2005

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